Lyrik von Jim Morrison 2 ...

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********** ***** ***********

Do you know the warm progress
under the stars?
Do you know we exist?
Have you forgotten the keys
to the kingdom?
Have you been born yet
& are you alive?

Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths
of the ages
Celebrate symbols from deep elder forests
(Have you forgotten the lessons
of the ancient war)

We need great golden copulations

The fathers are cackling in trees of the forest
Our mother is dead in the sea

Do you know we are being led to
slaughters by placid admirals
& that fat slow generals are getting
obscene on young blood

Do you know we are ruled by T.V.
The moon is a dry blood beast
Guerrilla bands are rolling numbers
in the next block of green vine
amassing for warfare on innocent herdsmen
who are just dying

O great creator of being
grant us one more hour to
perform our art
& perfect our lives

The moths & atheists are doubly divine
& dying
We live, we die
& death not ends it
Journey we more into the
Cling to life
our passion'd flower
Cling to cunts & cocks
of despair
We got our final vision
by clap
Columbus' groin got
filled w/ green death

(I touched her thigh
& death smiled)

We have assembled inside this ancient
& insane theatre
To propagate our lust for life
& flee the swarming wisdom
of the streets
The barns are stormed
The windows kept
& only one of all the rest
To dance & save us
W/ the divine mockery
of words
Music inflames temperament

(When the true King's murderers
are allowed to roam free
a 1000 Magicians arise
in the land)

Where are the feasts
we were promised
Where is the wine
The New Wine
(dying on the vine)

resident mockery
give us an hour for magic
We of the purple glove
We of the starling flight
& velvet hour
We of arabic pleasure's breed
We of sundome & the night

Give us a creed
To believe
A night of Lust
Give us trust in
The Night

Give of color
hundred hues
a rich Mandala
for me & you

& for your silky
pillowed house
a head, wisdom
& a bed

Troubled decree
Resident mockery
has claimed thee

We used to believe
in the good old days
We still receive
In little ways

The Things of Kindness
& unsporting brow
Forget & allow

Did you know freedom exists
in a school book
Did you know madmen are
running our prison
w/in a jail, w/in a gaol
w/in a white free protestant

We're perched headlong
on the edge of boredom
We're reaching for death
on the end of a candle
We're trying for something
That's already found us

We can invent Kingdoms of our own
grand purple thrones, those chairs of lust
& love we must, in beds of rust

Steel doors lock in prisoner's screams
& muzak, AM, rocks their dreams
No black men's pride to hoist the beams
while mocking angels sift what seems

To be a collage of magazine dust
Scratched on foreheads of walls of trust
This is just jail for those who must
get up in the morning & fight for such

unusable standards
while weeping maidens
show-off penury & pout
ravings for a mad

Wow, I'm sick of doubt
Live in the light of certain
Cruel bindings
The servants have the power
dog-men & their mean women
pulling poor blankets over
our sailors
(& where were you in our
lean hour)
Milking your moustache?
or grinding a flower?
I'm sick of dour faces
Staring at me from the T.V.
I want roses in
my garden bower; dig?
Royal babies, rubies
must now replace aborted
Strangers in the mud
These mutants, blood-meal
for the plant that's plowed

They are waiting to take us into
the severed garden
Do you know how pale & wanton thrillful
comes death on a strange hour
unannounced, unplanned for
like a scaring over-friendly guest you've
brought to bed
Death makes angels of us all
& gives us wings
where we had shoulders
smooth as raven's

No more money, no more fancy dress
This other Kingdom seems by far the best
until its other jaw reveals incest
& loose obedience to a vegetable law

I will not go
Prefer a
feast of Friends
To the Giant family


Great screaming Christ
Lazy Mary will you get up
upon a Sunday morning

"The movie will begin in 5 moments"
The mindless Voice announced
"All those unseated, will await
the next show"

We filed slowly, languidly
into the hall. The auditorium
was vast, & silent.
As we seated & were darkened
The Voice continued:

"The program for this evening
is not new. You have seen
This entertainment thru & thru.
You've seen your birth, your
life & death; you might recall
all of the rest-(did you
have a good world when you
died?)-enough to base
a movie on?

An iron chuckle rapped our
minds like a fist.

I'm getting out of here
Where're you going?
To the other side of morning
Please don't chase the clouds
pagodas, temples

Her cunt gripped him
like a warm friendly

"It's all right.
All your friends are here."

When can I meet them?
"After you've eaten"
I'm not hungry
"O, we meant beaten"

Silver stream, silvery scream,
impossible concentration

Here come the comedians
look at them smile
Watch them dance
an indian mile

Look at them gesture
How aplomb
So to gesture everyone

Words dissemble
Words be quick
Words resemble walking sticks

Plant them
They will grow
Watch them waver so

I'll always be
a word-man
Better thn a birdman

But I'll charge
Won't get away
w/out lodging a dollar

Shall I say it again
aloud, you get the point
No food w/out fuel's gain

I'll be, the irish loud
unleashed my beak
at peak of powers

O girl, unleash
your worried comb

O worried mind

Sin in the fallen
Backwoods by the blind

She smells debt
on my new collar

Arrogant prose
Tied in a network of fast quest
Hence the obsession

Its quick to admit
Fast borrowed rhythm
Woman came between them

Women of the world unite
Make the world safe
For a scandalous life

Hee Heee
Cut your throat
Life is a joke

Your wife's in a moat
The same boat
Here comes the goat

Blood Blood Blood Blood
They're making a joke
of our universe


Are you more real than me
I'll burn you, & set you free
Wept bitter tears
Excessive courtesy
I won't forget


A hot sick lava flowed up,
Rustling & bubbling.
The paper face.
Mirror-mask, I love you mirror.

He had been brainwashed for 4 hrs.
The LT. puzzled in again
"ready to talk"
"No sir"- was all he'd say.
Go back to the gym.
Very peaceful

Air base in the desert
looking out venetian blinds
a plane
a desert flower
cool cartoon

The rest of the
is reckless & dangerous
Look at the
Stag films


A ship leaves port
mean horse of another thicket
wishbone of desire
decry the metal fox

Copyright © 1990 by Wilderness Publications


********** ***** ***********

As I look back
over my life
I am struck by post
Ruined Snap shots

faded posters
Of a time, I can't recall

********** ***** ***********

I am a Scot, or so
I'm told. Really
the heir of Mystery

Snake in the Glen

The child of a
Military family...

I rebelled against church
after phases of

I curried favor in school
& attack'd the teachers

I was given a
desk in the corner

I was a fool
The smartest kid
in class

********** ***** ***********

Walks in D.C. in
Negro streets. The library
& book stores. Orange
brick in warm sun.
The books & poets magic

Then sex gives greater stimulation
Than you've ever known &
all peace & books lose their
charm & you are thrown
back on the eye of vision

********** ***** ***********

History of Rock
coinciding w/my

Came to LA to
Film School

Venice Summer

Drug Visions

Roof top songs

early struggles &

Thanks to the girls
who fed me.

********** ***** ***********

Making Records

Elvis had sex-wise
mature voice at 19.

Mine still retains the
nasal whine of a
repressed adolescent
minor squeaks & furies
An interesting singer
at best-a scream
or a sick croon. Nothing

********** ***** ***********

Road Days

fear of Plane death

And night was what Night
should be
A girl, a bottle, & blessed sleep

I have ploughed
My seed thru the heart
of the nation.
Injected a germ in the psychic blood vein.

Now I embrace the poetry
of business & become-for
a time-a "Prince of Industry"

********** ***** ***********

A natural leader, a poet,
a Shaman, w/the
soul of a clown.

What am I doing
in the Bull Ring
Every public figure
running for Leader

Spectators at the Tomb
-riot watchers

Fear of Eyes

Being drunk is a good disguise.

I drink so I
can talk to assholes.
This includes me.

********** ***** ***********

The horror of business

The Problem of Money
do I deserve it?

The Meeting
Rid of Managers & agents

After 4 yrs. I'm left w/a
mind like a fuzzy hammer

regret for wasted nights
& wasted years
I pissed it all away
American Music

********** ***** ***********

End w/fond good-bye
& plans for future
-Not an actor

Which of my cellves
will be remember'd

Good-bye America
I loved you

Money form home
good luck
stay out of trouble

Copyright © 1988 by Wilderness Publications


********** ***** ***********

Shake dreams from your hair

My pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day and choose the sign of your day

The day's divinity

First thing you see.

A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon

Couples naked race down by it's quiet side

And we laugh like soft, mad children

Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy

The music and voices are all around us.

Choose they croon the Ancient Ones

The time has come again

Choose now, they croon

Beneath the moon

Beside an ancient lake

Enter again the sweet forest

Enter the hot dream

Come with us

Everything is broken up and dances.

********** ***** ***********

Brothers & sisters of the pale forest
O children of Night
Who among you will run with the hunt?

********** ***** ***********

The Doors
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is still alive
Ooooogh - sssssh
I slept with her last night
Come out from behind
that false mustache, Adolf
I know your’re in there
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
You favor life
He sides with Death
I straddle the fence
and my balls hurt

********** ***** ***********

Snakeskin jacket
Indian eyes
Brilliant hair
He moves in disturbed
Nile Insect

********** ***** ***********

You parade thru the soft summer
We watch your eager rifle decay
Your wilderness
Your teeming emptiness
Pale forests on verge of light
More of your miracles
More of your magic arms

********** ***** ***********

Bitter grazing in sick pastures
Animal sadness & the daybed
Iron curtains pried open.
The elaborate sun implies
dust, knives, voices.
Call out of the Wilderness
Call out of fever, receiving
the wet dreams of an Aztec King.

********** ***** ***********

The banks are high & overgrown
rich w/ warm green danger.
Unlock the canals.
Punish our sister's sweet playmate distress.
Do you want us that way w/ the rest?
Do you adore us?
When you return will you still want to play w/ us?

********** ***** ***********

Fall down.
Strange gods arrive in fast enemy poses.
Their shirts are soft marrying cloth and hair together.
All along their arms ornaments conceal veins bluer that blood pretending welcome.
Soft lizard eyes connect.
Their soft drained insect cries erect new fear, where fears reign.
The rustling of sex against their skin.
The wind withdraws all sound.
Stamp your witness on the punished ground.

********** ***** ***********

Wounds, stags, & arrows
Hooded flashing legs plunge near the tranquil women.
Startling obedience from the pool people.
Astonishing caves to plunder.
Loose, nerveless ballets of looting.
Boys are running.
Girls are screaming, falling.
The air is thick w/ smoke.
Dead crackling wires dance pools of sea blood.

********** ***** ***********

Lizard woman
w/ your insect eyes
w/ your wild surprise.
Warm daughter of silence.
Turn your back w/ a slither of moaning wisdom.
The unblinking blind eyes behind walls new histories rise
and wake growling & whining the weird dawn of dreams.
Dogs lie sleeping.
The wolf howls.
A creature lives out the war.
A forest.
A rustle of cut words, choking

********** ***** ***********

The snake, the lizard, the insect eye
the huntsman's green obedience.
Quick, in raw time, serving stealth & slumber,
grinding warm forests into restless lumber.
Now for the valley.
Now for the syrup hair.
Stabbing the eyes, widening skies
behind the skull bone.
Swift end of hunting.
Hug round the swollen torn breast & red-stained throat.
The hounds gloat.
Take her home.
Carry our sister's body, back
to the boat.

********** ***** ***********

A pair of Wings
High winds of Karma

Laughter & young voices
in the mts.

********** ***** ***********

the Negro, Africa
eyes like time

********** ***** ***********

Build temporary habitations, games
& chambers, play there, hide.
First man stood, shifting stance
while germs of sight
unfurl'd Flags in his skull

and quickening, hair, nails, skin
turned slowly, whirl'd, in
the warm aquarium, warm
wheel turning.

Cave fish, eels, & gray salamanders
turn in their night career of sleep.

The idea of vision escapes
the animal worm whose earth
is an ocean, whose eyes is its body.

********** ***** ***********

The theory is that birth is prompted
by the child's desire to leave the womb.
But in the photograph an unborn horse's
neck strains inward w/ legs scooped out.
From this everything follows:

Swallow milk at the breast
until there's no milk.

Squeeze wealth at the rim
until tile pools claim it.

He swallows seed, his pride
until w/ pale mouth legs

she sucks the root, dreading
world to devour child.

Doesn't the ground swallow me
when I die, or the sea
if I die at sea?

********** ***** ***********

The City. Hive, Web, or severed
insect mound. All citizens heirs
of the same royal parent.
The caged beast, the holy center,
a garden in the midst of the city.

"See Naples & die."
Jump ship. Rats, sailors
& death.
So many wild pigeons.
Animals ripe w/ new diseases.
"There is only one disease
and I am its catalyst,"
cried doomed pride of the carrier.

Fighting, dancing, gambling,
bars, cinemas thrive
in the avid summer.

********** ***** ***********

Savage destiny
Naked girl, seen from behind,

on a natural road

explore the labyrinth

- Movie
young woman left on the desert

A city gone mad w/ fever

********** ***** ***********

Sister of the unicorn, dance
Sisters & brothers of Pyramid
Mangled hands
Tales of the Old Days
Discovery of the Sacred Pool
Mute-handed stillness baby cry

The wild dog
The sacred beast

Find her!

********** ***** ***********

He goes to see the girl
of the ghetto
Dark savage streets.
A hut, lighted by candle.
She is magician
Female prophet
Dressed in the past
All arrayed.
The stars
The moon
She reads the future
in your hand.

********** ***** ***********

The walls are garish red
The stairs
High discordant screaming
She has the tokens.
"You too"
"Don't go"
He flees.
Music renews.
The mating-pit.
Tempted to leap in circle.

Negroes riot.

********** ***** ***********

Fear the Lords who are secret among us.
The Lords are w/ in us.
Born of sloth & cowardice.

********** ***** ***********

He spoke to me. He frightened
me w/ laughter. He took
my hand, & led me past
silence into cool whispered

********** ***** ***********

A file of young people
going thru a small woods

********** ***** ***********

They are filming something
in the street, in front of
our house.

********** ***** ***********

Walking to the riot
Spreads to the houses
the lawns

suddenly alive now
w/ people

********** ***** ***********

I don't dig what they did
to that girl
Mercy pack
Wild song they sing
As they chop her hands
Nailed to a ghost
I saw a lynching
Met the strange men of the souther swamp
Cypress was their talk
Fish-call & bird-song
Roots & signs out of all knowing
They chanced to be there
Guides, to the white

********** ***** ***********

An armed camp.
Army army
burning itself in

********** ***** ***********

Jackal, we sniff after the survivors of caravans.
We reap bloody crops on war fields.
No meat of any corpse deprives our lean bellies.
Hunger drives us on scented winds.
Stranger, traveler,
peer into our eyes & translate
the horrible barking of ancient dogs.

********** ***** ***********

Camel caravans bear
witness guns to Caesar.
Hordes crawl & seep inside
the walls. The streets
flow stone. Life goes
on absorbing war. Violence
kills the temple of no sex.

********** ***** ***********

Terrible shouts start
the journey
- If they had migrated sooner
- a high wailing keening
piercing animal lament
from a woman
high atop a Mt. tower

- Thin wire fence
in the mind
dividing the heart

********** ***** ***********

They smile
Inviting - Smiling

No come here
Leave her!

A creature is nursing
its child
soft arms around
the head & the neck
a mouth to connect
leave this child alone
This one is mine
I'm taking her home
Back to the rain

********** ***** ***********

The assassin's bullet
Marries the King
Dissembling miles of air
To kiss the crown.
The Prince rambles in blood.
Ode to the neck
That was groomed
For rape's gown.

********** ***** ***********

Cancer city
Urban fall
Summer sadness
The highways of the old town
Ghosts in cars
Electric shadows

********** ***** ***********

the dead seal
the dog crucifix
ghosts of the dead car sun.
Stop the car.
Rain. Night.

********** ***** ***********

Sea-bird sea-moan
Earthquake murmuring
Fast-burning incense
Clamoring surging
Serpentine road
To the Chinese caves
Home of the winds
The gods of mourning

********** ***** ***********

The city sleeps
& the unhappy children
roam w/ animal gangs.
They seem to speak
to their friends
the dogs
who teach them trails.
Who can catch them?
Who can make them come

********** ***** ***********

The tent girl
at midnight
stole to the well
& met her lover there
They talked a while
& laughed
& then he left
She put an orange pillow
on her breast
In the morning
Chief w/drew his troops
& planned a map
The horsemen rose on up
the women fixed the ropes
on tight
The tents are folded now
We march toward the sea

********** ***** ***********

Catalog of Horrors
Descriptions of Natural disaster
Lists of miracles in the divine corridor
Catalog of fish in the divine canal
Catalog of objects in the room
List of things in the sacred river

********** ***** ***********

The soft parade has now begun
on Sunset.
Cars come thundering down
the canyon.
Now is the time & the place.
The cars come rumbling.
"You got a cool machine."
These engine beasts
muttering their soft
talk. A delight
at night
to hear their quiet voices
after 2 years.
Now the soft parade
has soon begun.
Cool pools
from a tired land
sink now
in the peace of evening.
Clouds weaken
& die.
The sun, an orange skull,
whispers quietly, becomes an
island, & is gone.

There they are
us everything
will be dark.
The light changed.
We were aware
knee-deep in the fluttering air
as the ships move on
trains in their wake.
Trench mouth
again in the camps.
Tell the girl to go home
We need a witness
to the killing.

********** ***** ***********

The artists of Hell
set up easels in parks
the terrible landscape,
where citizens find anxious pleasure
preyed upon by savage bands of youths
I can't believe this is happening
I can't believe all these people
are sniffing each other
& backing away
teeth grinning
hair raised, growling, here in
the slaughtered wind

I am ghost killer.
witnessing to all
my blessed sanction

This is it
no more fun
the death of all joy
has come.

Do you dare
deny my
my kindness
or forgiveness?
Just try
you will fry
like the rest
in holiness

And not for a
will I spare
any time
for you
Ghost children
down there
in the frightening world

You are alone
& have no need of other
you & the child mother
who bore you
who weaned you
who made you man

********** ***** ***********

Photo-booth killer
fragile bandit
straight from ambush
Kill me!
Kill the child who made
Kill the thought-provoking
senator of lust
who brought you to this state.

Kill hate

Kill badness
Kill madness

Kill photo mother murder tree
Kill me.
Kill yourself
Kill the little blind elf.

The beautiful monster
vomits a stream of watches
clocks jewels knives silver
coins & copper blood

The well of time & trouble
whiskey bottles perfume
razor blades beads
liquid insects hammers
& thin nails the feet of
birds eagle feathers & claws
machine parts chrome
teeth hair shards of
pottery & skulls the ruins
of our time the debris by
a lake the gleaming
beer cans & rust & sable
menstrual fur

Dance naked on broken
bones feet bleed & stain
glass cuts cover your mind
& the dry end of vacuum
boat white the people
drop lines in still pools
& pull ancient trout
from the deep home. Scales
crusted & gleaming green
A knife was stolen. A
valuable hunting knife
By some strange boys
from the other camp across
the Lake

********** ***** ***********

Are these our friends
racing & shuddering
thru the calm vales of parliament
My son will not die in the war
He will return
numbed peasant voice of Orient

Last time you said
this was the only way
voice of tender young girl

Running & speaking
infected green

consult the oracle
bitter creek
they exist on rainwater

mantra mate
maker of brandy

The poison isles
The poison

Take this thin granule
of evil snakeroot
from the southern

way out miracle
will find thee

The chopper blazed over
inward click & sure
blasted matter, made
the time bombs free
of leprous lands
spotted w/ hunger
& clinging to law

show us your ragged head
& silted smiling eyes
calm in fire
a silky flowered shirt
edging the eyes, alive
spidery, distant
dial lies

come, calm one
into the life-try

already wifelike
latent, leathery, loose
lawless, large & languid
She was a kingdom-cry
legion of lewd marching

Where are your manners
out there on the sunlit
boundless galaxies of dust
cactus spines, beads
bleach stones, bottles
& rust cars, stored for shaping

The new man, time-soldier
picked his way narrowly
thru the crowded ruins
of once grave city, gone
comic now w/ rats
& the insects of refuge

He lives in cars
goes fruitless thru
the frozen schools
& finds no space
in shades of obedience

the monitors are silenced
the great graveled guard-towers
sicken on the westward beach
so tired of watching

if only on horse were left
to ride thru the waste
a dog at his side
to sniff meat-maids
chained on the public poles

there is no more argument
in beds, at night
blackness is burned
Stare into the parlors of town
where a woman dances
in her European gown
to the great waltzes
this could be fun
to rule a wasteland

Cherry palms
Terrible shores
& more
& many more
This we know
that all are free
in the school-made
text of the unforgiven

deceit smiles
incredible hardships are suffered
by those barely able
to endure

but all will pass
lie down in green grass
& smile, & muse, & gaze
upon her smooth
to the mating-Queen
who it seems
is in love
w/ the horseman

now, isn't that fragrant
Sir, isn't that knowing
w/ a wayward careless
backward glance

July 24, 1968
Los Angeles, The United States, Hawaii